Have you ever played QIUQIU gambling? This type of game that uses domino cards as a game medium seems to have become part of international gambling, you know! Yes, there are more and more types of card gambling, including situs judi qq online terpercaya, which gambling lovers rely on throughout the country.

  1. Know the QIUQIU Special Card Combinations

It happens to berecognised that several types of special cards are there that are the luck of this QQ gambling player. There are cards called twin cards, pure cards, or god cards. The three types of special cards are a combination in the QIUQIU game. Instantly the player who manages to arrange the card combination in one round will get an automatic win because of its high value. That is why, to be able to beat QQ online, you also need to know about the combination in question.

  1. Calculate the Likelihood of Appearing the Same Card

Counting may be a job that seems trivial, especially in card gambling. However, many professional QIUQIU bettors are increasingly aware of card odds counting. For example, by observing the card value that resulted in a win in the previous round. These observations can be calculated using a mathematical chance formula which can predict the likelihood that cards with the same value will appear in the next round. It’s easy, right?

  1. Divert Attention

Distracting your opponent’s attention is the most important step. In the online QIUQIU gambling game, every player will certainly not face him directly. This is clearly beneficial because you don’t need to be confused with your opponent’s actions that can distract you while gambling is taking place.

  1. Apply the Speed ​​Technique

Card gambling games including QIUQIU must also pay attention to time. Time is very important when the player will determine the value of the cards in his hand. The speed when arranging the cards in your hand is a step that must be carefully calculated. So, if you want to beat this QQ gambling game, you should learn well how fast you can arrange high value cards to beat your opponent’s cards.

  1. Practice and be patient

Practice is an absolute thing that must be considered when facing online gambling games. QIUQIU card gambling also requires practice, especially if you are a beginner player. Well, besides needing practice, it turns out that online gambling games also have to be played with patience, you know!