If you start learning this musical instrument, you purchase a digital piano in music exchange store for example. There are countless models and brands, although perhaps the best-known and most important are: Yamaha, Roland, Casio, and Kawai, among others. And they all have models designed for the beginner pianist.

From a medium level, we should start thinking about an acoustic model. Starting from the wall or upright pianos, or if our level is already high, we could choose to buy a grand piano.

In the section on our level, we must not only take into account what we already have, but we must also ask ourselves about our future in the world of music; it is not the same if we plan to continue our training to become a professional or Yes, for us it is, it is simply a hobby.

If we expect to continue, we should always opt for a piano above the appropriate characteristics for our level. Space is essential when buying a piano


We must be realistic, and if your home needs a space large enough to house a grand piano, we must look for other options. And the best, in this case, would be the upright piano type. This will occupy a space similar to the television cabinet. In this concept, we must also include the inconvenience of sound. Will we disturb the neighbors?

The rehearsal sessions required to learn a musical instrument can be highly unpleasant to your neighbors. In this case, you should opt for a digital piano or watch the video summary at the end, to which we have added a suggestion not found in this post, which will help you avoid this problem.

What Is Our Budget?

How much money do we want or can spend on buying a piano? Buying a piano such as Yamaha Clavinova Digital Pianos can be an essential investment; we must choose the model with the best value for money in the segment. We advise you to be guided by our specialists.

Double Escapement Or Repeater Mechanism

This characteristic consists of the mechanism responding as quickly as possible so that all the notes we play are heard. If our level is such that we need this functionality on the piano, our only option may be the grand piano. However, more and more models of digital and wall pianos manage to imitate this characteristic better.