Usually, on hearing about tattoos, we get a lot of prepositioned thoughts in our mind. We imagine big biker dudes with colored ink all over them. But this is not actually the case. In today’s time, a carefully curated tattoo is a style statement. And, more and more people are coming forward to get themselves inked. However, there are still a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding tattoos and here we are trying to bust them all.

Tattoos are extremely expensive

Well, not exactly but it varies on many factors. The final cost of the tattoo depends on the parlour you are going in and the type of tattoo you are getting. The larger pieces are always going to cost you a bit more than the smaller ones. But it is not always an investment that burn holes in your pockets.

Tattoos give you blood cancer

This has to be one of the worst myths that people believe. There are no proven grounds for the occurrence of blood cancer in people with tattoos. On the other hand, a tattoo is known to provide you with higher immunity. The micropunctures on your skin will get you exposed to constant stress and this, in turn, raises immunity.

Tattoos are prohibited in the army

This might come as a surprise to many but yes, tattoos are allowed in the army. Only visible tattoos are prohibited. It must stay on the covered areas to keep the soldier safe from getting identified.

You cannot get water on the tattoo

It holds if the tattoo is fresh. But once it ages and heals over time, there is no reason to hide it from water. If the freshly inked area is exposed to water, it can inhibit the entire healing process.

It will bleed a lot

This is a myth that everybody should stop believing right away. There are very less chances of bleeding. Even if you start bleeding initially, it will stop in the later run. Aspirins or alcohol is used to numb the pain in many cases, but that thins the blood even more.

Alcohol and aspirin numb the pain

The popular myth now needs to be busted. Alcohol and aspirin can make the scenario worse than it helps. Though aspirin will provide numbing effect to the body, you can still feel the pain from the needles.

As the myths are now busted, it is time to hit the Salon de Tatouage Tattoo Box and get the tattoo of your dreams.