One thing you need to take seriously is what you eat; some foods contain better nutrients that can help you boost your body’s immune system, prevent weight fluctuation and protect against cancer. These are superfoods that can guarantee optimum health and help you control and maintain your calorie intake. These foods ensure you stay in optimum health without counting calories in a potato; check out some of the best foods for optimum health below.


We’ve heard many times that an apple a day keeps the doctor away; this might be very true. There are so many varying nutrients and minerals found in an apple that will keep your immune system and skin in optimum health. They also help with lowering cholesterols and can help with inflammation. Apples help improve satiety, and since they taste amazing, you can simply eat them all day.


Another fruit that makes the list of food for optimum health is bananas. They are one of the best all-around foods you can find and make a great snack at any time. Bananas digest easily and are a great source of protein and fiber. They are also relatively high in potassium and are a bit sedative, helping with your sleeping habit.


Another source of protein that will keep you in optimum health is beans. They are a steady source of oxygen and are relatively high in minerals. Beans will help you lower blood pressure and cholesterol level as they have a low-calorie content similar to the calories in a potato. Another great feature of beans is that they’re a soluble fiber source, which leaves you feeling full for a long time and efficiently reduces your food intake in a day when consumed.

Sweet Potato

This is one of the best foods for optimum health for many reasons; it is loaded with several nutrients like fiber, vitamins, potassium, and many others. They also contain carotenoids, which help to reduce your risk of cancer. Contrary to popular belief, the sweet flavor of potato does not increase blood sugar so much. They are great for slow energy release and contain vitamin E, which is great for your skin. The best part is the calories in a potato are quite low, which makes them a great choice when watching your calorie intake.


This only works if you buy the live, natural ones, not the processed ones packed full of sugar. Yogurts are rich in calcium and protein and are very easy to digest. They also boost the level of friendly bacteria in the body and helps to protect the immune system when consumed. Yogurts can help with urinary infections, ulcers, and other kinds of infections when consumed. Ensure that you only buy yogurts that specify ‘live and active cultures’ on the label to ensure you enjoy all these benefits.