Standard Shot Glasses

This form of bulk shot glasses are recognisable to everyone, whether they drink or not. This is a standard, tapered shot glass that ranges in size from 1.25 to 1.5 ounces, with 1.5 ounces being the most popular size for a basic shot glass because a shot is normally this amount. They may be created out of any material. You can’t go wrong with this option if you want a simple shot glass with your logo on it. This is by far the most common option.

Bulk Shot glasses that are tall

Nightclubs are infamous for offering shots in tall shot glasses because the tall shots look to carry a lot more booze than they actually do. Tall shot glasses are also thought to be a little more classy than standard shot glasses, therefore in addition to the look of considerably more liquor, higher costs can be paid for shots in a tall shot glass. These are sometimes referred to as shooters, as opposed to test tube shooters available at online wholesale stores. The majority of tall shot glasses carry roughly 2 ounces of alcohol. Because of their height, tall glasses are much easier to spill, so if spillage is a problem, seek for other types.

Shot Glasses with a Twist

Sometimes it’s necessary to deviate from the norm and pursue something that may spark some debate. Novelty shot glasses can help with this. These are formed like various emblems such as a miniature beer mug, a mason jar, a red party cup, a boot, champagne flutes, or some other unusually shaped thing. Most of these have a lower capacity and carry about 1-1.5 ounces. However, if you can discover a form that complements your company or a range of items that you offer, this is a terrific marketing chance to stimulate conversation and increase the likelihood that the recipients will remember your brand.


These light-up shot glasses are perfect for getting down and dirty and throwing a party. Bulk shot glasses are more popular among younger, legal generations. Some of the illuminating shot glasses are worthy. They are intended for one-time usage and, once engaged, light for roughly 4-6 hours. Others, such as the LED light-up shot glasses, feature an on/off button and are battery operated, making them reusable and far longer lasting. Which choice you choose will be determined on your available funds. This light-up design draws a lot of attention to your logo, which is printed on the side and radiates to the entire party crowd.