Many homeowners have a love affair with marble. The material has been used extensively for various home décor, architecture, and interior needs. While a lot has been written about marble countertops, the eventual decision is a matter of preference. Laminates and engineered materials often replicate the look of marble, but cannot match its natural charm and appeal. In Montreal, vendors like Granite au Sommet marble have a wide range of options in the material for kitchen, bathrooms, and other counters, and you will be rather spoilt for choices. In this post, we are sharing more on the pros and cons of marble countertops. 

Reviewing the good

There is no denying that marble is irreplaceable when it comes to appeal, depth, and final look. Yes, granite is cheaper and more durable, but it cannot compare to marble. Even if you try one of the laminate countertops for the love of white, marble will still stand out. Secondly, marble, in general, adds value to a property. If your home has a lot of marble, you are likely to fetch a better price, in case you decide to sell. Yes, marble does need some extra care, especially in the kitchen, but this is not flimsy material by any means. 

Knowing the other side

Marble is prone to staining, which is probably one aspect of it that needs attention for residential projects. You have to be very specific with cleanliness and maintenance of marble countertops, and it is important to seal the counters at least once each year, as the material is porous. Note that the material is extremely heavy, so do not expect to install marble countertops on your own. 

Ordering marble countertops

There are many manufacturers and suppliers, who can help you find the best marble for your counters. We would suggest that you check with a showroom and find a few samples to compare. Is marble better than quartz or granite? Well, like we mentioned before, it is more about what you like. Keep in mind that a good vendor will help you choose between marble countertops and help you have a realistic idea of what to expect in terms of maintenance. Don’t shy away from asking questions or getting an estimate, and you can compare it with other materials, to know if marble fits your budget. 

White marble countertops have a charisma that cannot be replicated by other material, no matter the price.