Having a good smile may be the only thing you need to make great first impressions. It is one of the first things people will notice and remember about you.

Studies also suggest that having a brighter smile can improve your self-esteem. With that in mind, you may want to consider teeth whitening to enhance the cosmetic appeal of your pearly whites and make your smiles even brighter.

Teeth whitening treatments aren’t really expensive. However, you may just want your insurance to cover the costs of this treatment.

Now, if you’re contemplating teeth whitening, it is important to acknowledge that this is a cosmetic treatment. Most insurance providers classify cosmetic procedures under elective treatments (not medically necessary), so your dental insurance will most likely not provide cover for teeth whitening.

This implies that you will need to fund these treatments on your own. If you have a tight budget, though, you may need to check with your dental clinic to see if they have payment plans that may make these treatments more affordable. 

If the dental clinic of your choice offers payment plans, be sure to understand the terms before signing on the dotted line. Keep reading to discover more teeth whitening basics that your cosmetic dentist may want you to know beforehand.

What should I know before getting my Teeth Whitened?

Teeth whitening treatments aren’t complicated. The procedure involves your dentist using medical-grade bleaching agents to lighten the color of your teeth.

The treatment will involve a consultative appointment where your dentist will examine your teeth to ensure that they are healthy and suitable for this treatment. They will also discuss your expectations and only give you the nod to proceed if they’re realistic.  Here are the basics you should know before getting your teeth whitened.

  • Teeth Whitening will help Lighten just the Color of your Real Teeth

During your consultation, you can expect your dentist to ask if you have had other dental procedures such as crowns, fillings, or veneers. If you have had any of these treatments, teeth whitening will not work on them.

This implies that their color won’t change. If you’re concerned about the disparity in color after teeth whitening, you may need the original treatments changed if that is possible.

  • Your Teeth can still get stained after Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening treatments are effective, but that is not a guarantee that these results are permanent. It is imperative to understand that the teeth naturally have pores.

Therefore, if they’re exposed to substances with solid colors such as coffee and red wine, they may still get stained. On the same note, activities like smoking and eating too much sugary or starchy foods may also increase the risks of your teeth getting stained quickly after the treatment.

Therefore, as a general rule, you will not need to abandon your oral care routine after teeth whitening. Keep brushing and flossing your teeth regularly to avoid these risks, among others.

  • You may Experience Increased Teeth Sensitivity after Treatment

Very many people have naturally sensitive teeth. In some cases, naturally sensitive teeth are a genetic issue and not really due to damage or crack on your teeth.

During your teeth whitening treatment, you may experience increased sensitivity. This effect after teeth whitening treatment is normal and not a cause for concern.

The reason for the increased sensitivity after your treatment is that your teeth will be temporarily dehydrated, an effect that will make them not efficiently insulate your nerves from the temperature changes.

Sensitivity after teeth whitening isn’t permanent. This effect may last for around 12 to 36 hours, so it isn’t something to worry about. You may benefit from a post-whitening fluoride treatment which can promote rehydration on your teeth and nourish them.

  • The results may vary

Teeth whitening treatments are designed to remove just the stains on your teeth. Therefore, the results you get from this treatment may vary from what another person may get.

This is relatable because everybody has a natural teeth color. This is why cosmetic dentists insist that you have realistic expectations regarding the results you expect from your treatment.

  • You may Notice the Changes Almost Immediately

The amount of time it takes for teeth whitening to take effect varies. Depending on the stains on your teeth, these changes can be as quick as within one hour.

You may not get the ultimate results within just one day, though. It is important to acknowledge this because some whitening processes may even take several months for you to get the ultimate results you hope for.

If you have very severe stains, you will need to be patient with every whitening session to get the best results. Once all the stains are removed, you will need to maintain your teeth as directed by your cosmetic dentist to reduce the risks of staining quickly after your treatment.

  • Teeth Whitening will not Damage your Teeth

Teeth whitening treatments are safe, but you should acknowledge that just like any other cosmetic treatment, an abuse of this treatment may increase your risks of complications. During a whitening session, the ingredients that will be used on your teeth will open the pores that are naturally occurring to remove the stains.

After the treatment, your teeth will rehydrate and remineralize to retain their natural form. That’s why you must take good care of your teeth after whitening to avoid restaining them.

Besides, the quality of your teeth whitening treatment results and safety depends on the qualifications and skills of your provider. Therefore, be keen to work with a recognized dental professional.

In this case, the provider can be a hygienist, dentist, or therapist with extensive training on such treatments and registered. If you’re working with a registered dental hygienist or therapist, they should offer the teeth whitening treatment under a dentist’s prescription.

To wrap all that, you may need to check and ensure that your provider is well reputed in this practice. You can ask for references. If possible, check the before and after pictures of the treatments your provider has done.

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