Importing your car into Canada has several convolutions as not all vehicles can be imported here. So before planning to import your vehicle, you must primarily find out whether it qualifies for importation under transport Canada’s registrar or imported vehicles program. Further, there are several other requirements that are to be fulfilled by an importer such as the CBSA (Canada border services agency) requirements. 

So we shall delve into a few aspects involved with importing your dream vehicle into Canada.

  • Documentation

Providing appropriate documents when asked is the most obvious and significant rule, one must know while importing a vehicle to Canada. The most common documents required are:

  1. Vehicle registration certificate
  2. A copy of your MOT certificate is required if you hire an agency to collect and drop your vehicle where you want. 
  3. A copy of the photo page of your passport.
  • Importing temporarily

One important thing to know about temporary import is that if you are temporarily residing in Canada and need your vehicle for personal use, then, your vehicle is not required to comply with the motor vehicle safety norms. Further, you may also be required to arrange shipment under a carnet de passage to avoid payments to the Canadian customs with regard to the import duty and taxes. 

  • Age of the vehicle

The Canadian transport prohibits the import of all foreign vehicles, apart from those manufactured in the United States that are less than 15 years old. Even these vehicles are subject to stringent regulations. Vehicles that are more than 15 years old are exempted from the RIV program where the importer can easily demonstrate the age of the vehicle by providing appropriate documents. 

  • Cleaning your car

Apart from providing all the required documents, you must also make sure that your car has been cleaned before its shipment to Canada since it may be examined and sent for cleaning if found carrying any contaminants like mud which may again cost you extra. You should thus make sure that you import a clean car to Canada.

So having prior knowledge of the rules and policies with respect to the import of a vehicle to Canada can help you import your dream car to Canada with ease. In this regard, Clearit Canada car importing can help you with such minute but significant details related to the import of your vehicle.