Media reports about sexual abuse in the Catholic Church brought to light the prevalence of the abuse. The fact is that sexual abuse by members of the clergy is likely to be prevalent across all denominations, including in Florida. Victims of the clergy are often children at the time of the abuse. They can likely bring cases years after the abuse, through the help of their clergy abuse attorney.

The court cases that finally hold clergy members accountable likely provide a sense of relief for individuals that experienced the heinous acts committed by trusted leaders of the faith community.

The Florida Clergy Sexual Abuse Crisis  

Clergy sexual abuse can occur in any faith community, at any church, temple, synagogue, or other religious structure. Clergy members that commit acts of sexual abuse take advantage of their vulnerable victims, many of whom are, or were, children at the time of the abuse.

Media reports and court case details often reveal that the abuse takes place within the religious structure. Clergy sexual abuse can occur anywhere, the same as sexual abuse by other predators. Some victims report being abused at a camp, on an outing, while on a drive home, or at another location. A clergy abuse attorney can listen to the details of the abuse, and discuss options for pursuing justice, wherever the abuse took place.

Clergy members have the distinction of being among the most-trusted members of Florida communities. Who would believe that the sexual predator is their own pastor, bishop, or priest? Who would think that their rabbi or imam, or another religious leader would commit sexual abuse against one of their faithful followers?

Sexual Abuse is not Limited to Catholic Churches in Florida   

Catholic priests and others in the Catholic Church are likely the most frequent perpetrators of sexual abuse if a person relies solely on media reports. The attempts at hiding clergy sexual abuse may be considered just as prevalent among other faiths as it is among Catholic leaders. Some might say that attempts at hiding the abuse are even more prevalent among other faiths.

The Christian Century reported on one such case, where the grandson of a well-known clergy leader stated that he considers some protestants “worse” than Catholics at responding to sexual abuse allegations. The article quoted other sources that described difficulties in reporting clergy sexual abuse and getting an appropriate response from the church.

Clergy Sexual Abuse Attorneys at Saunders & Walker, P.A.  

Individuals do not have to hide their abuse any longer when they have an experienced clergy abuse attorney fighting for them. Did you or a loved one experience sexual abuse committed by a clergy member?

Let us explore your legal options, and protect you from intimidation from the church, to help you get the justice that you deserve, whether your sexual abuse occurred recently, or it occurred decades ago. Call us today.