Children experience health problems related to their feet at any time. Many foot problems disappear once they get treated however few of them persist for a longer time.  Some of the common foot disorders troubling them often are plantar warts, stabbing heel pain and ingrown toe nails.

The causes are unknown however according to expert podiatrists it is because of continuous growth of leg muscles and bones. Moreover, children are quite active and mobile, hence a high chance of them injuring their foot that leads to inflammation that causes discomfort. All that can be rectified by visiting expert pediatric podiatrist Orange County areas like Dr. SimaSoltani practicing in Irvine.

It is highly beneficial to visit them as soon as your child complain about foot health issues. Not only they will treat your child’s foot problems, but they will help children to develop healthy habits of taking care of their foot to prevent foot health disorders in future.

Some of the most troubling common pediatric foot health issues parents should be aware of-

  • Ingrown toe nail– It mostly occurs naturally usually on the edge of the big toe nail. The skin infection promotes piercing pain and needs immediate treatment. The infection signs are swollen and red skin present adjacent to nails. It happens because of wearing tight-fitting shoes for many hours. The tightness doesn’t let the big toe nail grow freely thus it grows inwards resulting in inflammation of skin and infection.
  • Plantar warts– It has similar symptoms to callus and corns, thus often isn’t able to diagnose rightly. The unique symptom is the presence of black spots in the skin lesion which is present in the sole of the foot. It occurs there as the skin is soft supporting wart virus to multiple and spoils the skin texture. Children have less immunity compared to adults thus more prone to be troubled by the presence of unwanted microorganisms.
  • Flat feet – This foot ailment is the concern of many parents when they observe that their child’s foot is flat without arches. Podiatrists suggest treatment when the child feels uncomfortable while walking or experiences pain. Orthotics customized shoes and arch support footwear provide the best way to safeguard pronation. Thus, the foot won’t spread out outwardly and the pain will reduce permanently.
  • Heel pain – It occurs because of wear and tear of the plantar fasciitis ligaments present in the sole of the foot. The stabbing pain is mainly observed during the morning hours after you wake up and start walking. It troubles children who are indulged in aerobic exercises or more involved in practicing ballet dances. It can be even caused because of tightness felt in calf muscles and Achilles tendon during the growing period of children that ultimately stresses the bone of the heel. The growth plate of theirs feels the repetitive stress and gives rise to pain at the back and bottom of one or both heels. The other causes of heel pain are inflamed nerves present in the heel, irritation felt by bursitis (that acts as a cushion between bones, muscles and tendons of the foot) and because of abnormal bone growth at the back or bottom of the heel.
  • Clubfoot – It is mostly affecting new born babies. The feet seem to be a little twisted. No need to worry, as there are many successful treatments to rectify the foot to the right shape. However, if left untreated, the child may later on experience arthritis symptoms.
  • Athletes foot – It is even known as tinea pedis, which is a common fungal infection appearing between toes and sometimes on the sole of the foot. It can even spread to toenails causing a lot of discomfort. It usually develops due to the presence of moisture on foot, while going barefoot to public bathing places and swimming pools.

It is a contagious fungal infection that can be prevented by keeping the foot dry and wearing public bathing places and swimming pools. It is a contagious fungal infection that can be prevented by keeping the foot dry and wearing appropriate footwear while using public places that are usually wet.

The treatment for ingrown toenails is simple. You can soak the affected foot in warm water that helps to clean the dirt present and then slowly dry the whole foot. You can apply over-the-counter bought antibiotic ointment. If the pain persists and the fungus spreads, then it is best to visit a skilled children’s foot doctor.

Heel pain is usually treated by physical therapy exercises and for reducing pain anti-inflammatory medications will be effective. However, if the pain isn’t reduced, it is better to consult a pediatric podiatrist near your residence. Even ortho customized shoes help to wade away heel pain symptoms.

Foot deformities are a common problem of children, which is a heredity feet disorder. It can gradually be set right by using orthotic devices like customized shoes. Plantar warts will vanish if you keep your child’s foot dry and well-cleaned.  Prolong plantar warts problems can be rectified by podiatrists by removing them.

Sports injuries like stress fractures, shin splints, turf toe and tendonitis need to be treated fast. You can consult the best experienced pediatric foot doctor for immediate treatment. They are skilled and with their medical care, your child will soon be relieved from foot health problems.