Thanks to consumer feedback, a business can track its reaction to a particular product or service and understand in which direction it is worth moving forward. In this review, you will find how to make a survey and the best options.

The top 3 survey makers in the market

Typically, survey creation services offer paid and free plans. Different functions and options for placing a survey and collecting statistics are available depending on the tariff. There are the top popular valuable services for creating surveys on customer preferences easily using a questionnaire:


It is one of the most convenient and functional constructors of surveys and feedback forms. With it, the user can create testing forms for his visitors, that is, ask questions to check the correctness of the answers. You can add the necessary questions by dragging the required blocks and inserting the resulting survey code on the site or social network page. Among other advantages of the service is a powerful filter system.


This service offers the creation of online surveys not only for commercial structures. Such questionnaires can form scientific and educational organizations. The survey can be inserted on the site or given a link to it in the mailing list, on the social network page, when sending invitations, etc.


The service allows you to create accessible web surveys in just a few tens of seconds. As usual, you can post it on your website, blog, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, or just send links via email. The platform’s main advantage is creating a unique survey using millions of shades of color and dozens of different design designs.

So, experts recommend business people adhere to the correct methodology and make online surveys easier to understand. This toolkit, when used wisely, can provide a lot of valuable and almost free information about the preferences of customers or a mass audience.