A vacuum oven is a box-type drying device that is used predominantly to dry materials under the influence of negative pressure. This is when a vacuum pump is used to extract air and dehumidify it so that an ideal vacuum state is formed in the working chamber area. This also enhances the reduction of the boiling point of water and accelerates the speed at which the materials dry.

When you have an urgency of drying the materials quickly, vacuum ovens lend you a great helping hand. They also bring with them certain advantages of very rapid drying of specific items that cannot be achieved anywhere else. This leads to little or no pollution and results in absolutely no damage to the quality of the drying items. But for the ovens to perform in their best states, they must be entirely evacuated before use. You should know why this precaution needs to be taken and here we are listing the same.

  • The vacuum dry oven is not directly proceeded with the drying. A test article is put into it when it is dry to remove the existing traces of gas from the article as well as to evacuate the oven. There are high chances of the gas expanding once the workpiece is heated without any prior intimation. With the tightness of the vacuum oven being very high and graded, they might be able to endure the rising pressure. This huge pressure generation by the expanding gas might also be leading towards causing the glass of the observation window to burst. This can be very dangerous and can be avoided by vacuuming the chamber first followed by heating.
  • If the reverse of the first step is followed, the heat generated will be taken directly to the vacuum pump. So when the hot air will be evacuated, the temperature of the pump will be rising way too higher, hindering the efficiency of the pump.
  • The gas that is once heated will be completely directed to the vacuum pressure gauge and that will result in a hike in the temperature within the system. If the temperature is rising above the permissible limit, there will be errors in the display of the gauge.

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