Over the last fifty years, Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center has provided a response to this question, demonstrating that mental health issues, drug use disorders, and AIDS/HIV are preventable and curable, and that recovery is possible.

The Unique Journey 

At sacred heart rehab know that rehabilitation is an unique journey, and we believe that the distinctiveness of each client should be reflected in the particular plan that they follow for their own recovery. Every one of our patients receives the individualised attention and care that they need via the behavioural healthcare that we customise exclusively for them. After all, it is your life and your rehabilitation that is at stake here.

Get The Best Treatment 

  • The vast majority of patients are not alone in their struggles with mental illness, addiction disorders, or HIV/AIDS. 
  • These are chronic conditions that put the love and support of families, friends, and communities to the test. Because of this, they combine the self-help concepts of Alcoholics with the evidence-based, professional therapy procedures that are used in practise. 
  • Each person’s individualised treatment plan can include any combination of group therapy, individual therapy, specialty group therapy, didactic education offerings, recreational activities.

High End Treatment 

Sacred Heart provides a comprehensive continuum of evidence-based, high-quality therapies to address mental health illnesses. These services are offered in a number of different locations. They are of the opinion that everyone of our customers, regardless of their financial situation, should be provided with the appropriate level of care, at the appropriate time, and in the appropriate environment. 

This is one of our core beliefs at Sacred Heart. They believe that addictions may be treated via a comprehensive programme that includes professional counselling, education, and support that is uniquely designed to meet the requirements of each client who is serviced and the requirements of his or her family.