A homeowners association is a legal organization where several families live together under a set of rules. Many people choose to live in an HOA because the rules and regulations ensure the safety of the residents and enhance the quality of life. 

Therefore, the HOA board enforces these rules to create an enjoyable, safe and lively environment in the community. If you believe the board may need a hand during the process, you can hire professionals from phoenix hoa management companies to lessen your burden. 

Typical HOA rules you need to follow at all times

  • Landscaping. 

Given that all HOA focus greatly on their curb appeal and community’s attractiveness, it is natural that they impose certain restrictions and rules regarding landscaping. Homeowners are required to maintain the look of their landscape and keep it up to standards. There also might be rules regarding which plants they are allowed or not allowed to plant. 

  • Pets. 

The HOA board works to provide the highest possible quality of life to the homeowners. One part of this is maintaining pets so that they do not hurt people in the community. There may be certain rules regarding which pets and breeds are allowed. Some HOAs may ban pets altogether. Loud barking noises from your dog or similar nuisance can invite a violation notice. 

  • Cleanliness. 

As we have mentioned in the first point, curb appeal and attractiveness are important factors for the community, and this includes cleanliness as well. Make sure you keep the outside of your house clean by properly taking out the trash, cleaning the patio, etc. 

  • Renting. 

Many HOAs do not allow renting properties at all, while others allow renting a limited number of houses. If you are someone who seeks to buy a house in an HOA to put it on rent, going through the guidelines first would be beneficial for you. Many HOAs have limits on how many properties can be rented out. If an HOA’s limit has ended, there might be a waitlist you could join. 

  • Parking. 

Most HOAs have parking rules because parked vehicles on the road can be an eyesore, affecting the attractiveness of the place. There may also be rules regarding which vehicles you are allowed to park inside the HOA. You must also go through the guest parking policy to ensure you do not violate a law. 

  • Conduct. 

Being on the best behavior is expected from every person residing in an HOA. The quality of a place is maintained only when the people living there get along with each other. However, because some homeowners tend to break the rules and disrupt the life of others, fights and disagreements can happen. These can even lead to fines and lawsuits. 

To avoid lawsuits or anything that disrupts the quality of life in your HOA, contact phoenix hoa management companies.