Do you know that you could be losing a lot of money when sourcing your PCBs? Yes, that is true, one could be losing a considerable amount of money when sourcing their PCBs without realizing it. Here are a few areas one could lose money unnecessarily when sourcing their PCBs. This is to bring to your awareness, key areas to focus on so that you could avoid unnecessary loss of money.

Try to source your PCBs from China instead of a local supplier. Your China PCB manufacturer could supply you premium quality PCBs without necessarily having to pay premium dollars. Many large corporations turn to China to source their PCBs because they get to save a lot of money and thereby bringing down the overall production costs. You too could try sending your PCB requirements to a China PCB supplier. Just make sure that you are dealing directly with a manufacturer and not just with a sourcing agent. You will come across sourcing agents as well as direct manufacturers in the industry. It is up to you to pay attention to your choices and select a manufacturer so that you pay the right price for your PCBs. 

Before you take your PCB to full-scale production, get your PCB design optimized by the experts in the field. When it comes to cutting down the PCB costs, it is not just the lower quotes that will help you save money but it is also the PCB design that will help you save more than what you could possibly save by getting a competitive quote. The PCB board size will have a definitive say on the overall cost of the PCBs. When the board size increases the material cost increases. If the board size and component placements are optimized your PCB manufacturer will automatically quote you a lower price.

Those who do not have adequate experience in sourcing PCBs and have a clear understanding on how the PCB production costing is done, could make a number of mistakes that go against them. For instance, if they choose to use an irregular shape for the PCB then the wastage will be high and this will unnecessarily result in a higher PCB cost. This is one of the reasons why you must approach an experienced PCB design engineer to take care of your requirements. 

If your order volume is small then the cost per unit is likely to be high and you will lose money. To save such losses, try to place the order for the entire year so that you get volume discounts and thereby huge savings. You can get the PCBs delivered in a phased manner as per your monthly requirements so that you would save money on the one hand and on the other hand, you will not have to worry about PCB storage challenges. Take time to understand these basic dynamics when sourcing your PCBs and save money on each order without compromising on the quality of the PCBs sourced. 

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