Every year, millions of aspirants are willing to appear for the examinations for RBI assistant and SBI PO. Some people want to get a banking job because they prefer that career over others. While other people often admire getting a job in a bank because they want to secure their future. But not everyone has a chance to get selected without proper preparation. Though it is not easy to crack the exam for SBI PO because of the limited vacancies in SBI.

Many students often face difficulties in choosing the right path. Many students often do not understand the role of this position accurately, and then they get confused about the benefits that they can enjoy from it. Before appearing in any of the exams, you need to be precise about the goal of the service that you need to serve after being selected through the exam. The following points listed below will help you understand the difference between the positions of RBI Assistant and SBI PO.

Which is the best RBI assistant for SBI PO?

  • Exam format: The examination of the RBI assistant includes three processes.
  1. Preliminary exams worth 100 points and covers one hour.
  2. The main examination of 200 marks that covers 2 hours.
  3. In the end, a personal interview is the final stage that needs to be covered accurately.

Even in the SBI PO examination, three stages are included.

  1. The preliminary exam is the first stage that an aspirant needs to cross.
  2. If an aspirant has successfully secured good marks in the preliminary exam, then he or she is allowed to give the main exam.
  3. After this a personal interview is conducted to check the intellect of the aspirant.

There is no difference in the pattern of the preliminary exam for RBI assistant and SBI PO, but there is a huge difference in the pattern of the main exam for RBI assistant and SBI PO.

  • Jobs:-The assistant of RBI is responsible for maintaining files, generating MIS, managing data, and drafting letters. In comparison to RBI assistant, the job of SBI PO entails a greater number of challenges. Focusing on the needs of the customer is the primary job that needs to be aerved by SBI PO. Apart from that, monitoring credits, managing the department of loans, voucher verification, and many more are the jobs that are required to be performed by an SBI PO.
  • Income:-The monthly salary of an RBI assistant is near about 28000 rupees in Indian currency, whereas an SBI PO gets a bit higher salary in comparison to an RBI assistant. The salary of an SBI PO is close to about 40000 rupees in Indian currency per month. Both the RBI assistant and SBI PO receive the average medical costs, numerous incentives, and allowances.
  • Posting:-The branch of the Reserve Bank of India is established in major cities. Most of the time, the assistants of the Reserve Bank of India are posted to an area that is near to their hometown. Because the most important characteristic of the assistant of the Reserve Bank of India is customer service, if a person is posted near their hometown, then he or she can fluently have a conversation with the customer in their native language. Small postings in semi-urban and rural areas are required for a successful career as an SBI PO.


Both the RBI assistant and the SBI PO are prestigious positions that one can achieve in his or her life. By reading the above points, you can easily understand the difference between the role of the job and the criteria. Before appearing for any examination, it is very necessary to clear your motives.

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