Almost every parent knows one or two children who suffer from hearing disabilities in their early childhood. Has it ever sent you thinking what could have happened had the parents gotten their children screened earlier? Well, most likely, those children would not have suffered the amount of hearing damage they might have because the problem wasn’t detected earlier. 

This brings us to another question, how would one know that a child requires hearing screening? The answer to this question is since there’s no way to judge what’s about to happen, audiologists recommend that parents should get their children screened every 6 months to make sure that everything is fine.  

It’s the timely and accurate diagnosis that is responsible for the best possible treatment planned and given to children. In this era of the scientific revolution, we can easily manage disabilities through proper screening programs. In the case of hearing disabilities, everything begins with a hearing test.

Are There Hearing Loss Symptoms At an Early Age?

As per many pieces of research, one out of every thousand children suffers from a hearing disability. The most alarming thing is that a child may or may not show any symptom of hearing disability during the initial years of life. Hence, it is extremely difficult for parents to identify a disability. This is why it’s necessary to conduct a screening test once or twice a year.  

How and When is a Hearing Test Carried Out For Children?

You can take your child to a trusted audiology center or clinician for a hearing test at the age of 9 months to four years under the pediatric evaluation program.

  1. Audiologists design and perform different techniques to assess the hearing ability of your child in an audio-metric booth.
  2. After the assessment, results are discussed and a further treatment plan is designed if any disability is identified. 

Once it has been established that the children indeed require help, a specialized audiology center should be contacted immediately. Choose a trusted center such as Audiology Center West since the doctors at this clinic are the best in their field of medicine. 

Necessary services for children’s hearing test can prevent your child from suffering for the rest of his/her life. 

In a nutshell, if your child is presenting even the slightest of symptoms related to hearing, cognition, or developmental delay, seek immediate help. Always remember, it’s never too late to mend things.