Selecting the right countertop material can make or break the look of your perfect kitchen. There are a wide range of options – granite, marble, limestone, vinyl, sandstone, and quartz. Quartz is known as engineered stone, because it is manmade. Quartz countertops, for the uninitiated, contains 95% natural quartz with rest being resins and polymers. In this post, we are sharing more on why quartz is the perfect choice for every home kitchen. 

  1. More choices. Quartz is engineered, so you can find a wide range of choices. Check Granite au Sommet quartz, for instance, in Montreal. They have a diverse range of finishes, and the samples are usually representation of the final material that will be used for your kitchen. 
  2. Durable. Quartz is perfect for counters and worktops because of its durability. In fact, it compares to granite in this context, and you don’t have to think of replacement for at least a decade or more. 
  3. Low maintenance. There is another advantage of quartz – it is low on maintenance. In all likeliness, you don’t have to spend on maintenance of your countertops, once installed. That’s because quartz is not porous, so unlike granite that requires sealing, there are no additional costs. 
  4. Uniformity. Granite, marble and other natural stones are naturally mined, transported and then installed on site. In other words, it is quite possible that two slabs, even though of the same color, are not uniform. Quartz, because it is engineered, doesn’t have these concerns. 
  5. Ease of installation. While quartz is still heavy, the installation is not that hard when compared to natural stones. However, you will still need professional assistance for getting the countertops installed. 

Things to note

If you want to try quartz countertops, make sure to check with a good supplier for samples. The only downside is quartz can be more expensive than granite. It is always wise to get an estimate in advance, and if you have hired an interior expert, take their opinion on the kind of look you want. A quick note here – quartz is not a great choice for exterior or open kitchens, because when exposed to extreme sunlight and heat for long hours, it can lose some of the its initial shine. 

Check online now to find more on quartz countertops, and don’t shy away from reviewing latest samples, which don’t have to conform with the standard countertop looks. It is your kitchen – make it stand out with quartz.