Semen is the fluid released from the penis during sex or masturbation. However, in case of semen leakage, fluid is released otherwise. 

Commonly, this occurs when the person is sexually aroused, whether or not they have orgasmed. It tends to happen when the person has visual or physical stimulation, or even sexual thoughts can prompt this response from the body. 

While semen leakage is expected during arousal, there are other anomalous leakage instances that occur on account of various factors. It is best to visit a urologist in Islamabad when accosted with this situation, as it may be indicative of underlying health issue. 

Common causes of semen leakage include: 

Side-Effects of medication

Some medicines, like SSRIs and other antidepressants and mood stabilizers can have an impact on the sexual health of the man. If the leakage coincides with uptake of some new medicine, it is most likely the culprit. 


Patients should never adjust the dosage of their medicine or stop taking it of their own accord, especially when it comes to antidepressants. This can lead to imbalance of the chemicals and hormones in the body, jeopardizing their wellbeing. 

If your sex life is suffering due to these issues, talk to your doctor about it. They can adjust the dosage, prescribe come other formula. You can also opt for therapy alongside the drugs. Ultimately, your doctor is the best guide in such situations. 

Nocturnal Emissions

‘Nocturnal Emissions’ can also be behind the leakage. These is applicable where men ejaculate during sleep, due to sexual stimulation like arousing dream, friction from the sheets. These are also known as wet dreams in the vernacular expression. 

 Nocturnal emissions are more common among teenagers and young adults, but they get better gradually. These are not a cause for much concern. 


Since these are innocuous in nature, there is not much in terms of treatment. Many men start getting better in their 20s, barring the situations of dry spells, as lack of sexual activity makes semen leakage episodes more frequent.

Retrograde Ejaculation

Retrograde Ejaculation occurs when semen travels into the bladder rather than the penis during orgasm, which is why leakage occurs with urination. This condition is not life threatening but can lead to fertility problems. 


Since retrograde emission does not affect the sexual performance of the man, it has no serious implications on the health. However, as little or no semen is passed out, infertility can occur. Couples wanting to start a family might then have to explore fertility treatment options then. 

Nerve injury

Nerves relay the message from brain to the muscles. Therefore, they play a pivotal role in sexual performance as well. Naturally, damage to the nerve interferes with the reproductive system in men, causing problems like semen leakage. 

Common conditions that result in semen leakage problem include brain tumor, injury to the central nervous system, neurodegenerative disorders, infections in the brain or spine, Guillain-Barre syndrome. 

Moreover, nerve damage on account of other health issues like diabetes, nutritional deficiencies, substance abuse also leads to semen leakage problem. 


Some conditions like neurodegenerative disorders cannot be improved.  The prognosis is much better in case of nerve inflammation, but with most injuries and diseases, the treatment is hard. 

Prostate cancer 

A common cancer in men, prostate cancer does not have noticeable symptoms in initial stage.  But, as it progresses, symptoms start manifesting, including semen leakage alongside erectile dysfunction, blood in semen, urination issue etc. 


The treatment is largely contingent on the cancer; its stage, whether it has metastasized, size of the tumor etc. Patients may have to endure chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy etc., accordingly. 

Prostate Inflammation 

Also known as prostatitis, this condition is rather common in older men. Other symptoms of this condition include pain in the groin and lower back, painful and frequent urination, discharge from penis. Symptoms that accompany flu can also be present. 

In case of chronic prostatitis complications like erectile dysfunction, painful ejaculation occurs as well. 


The cause of infection is the primary determinant of the treatment. Antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant drugs are generally prescribed. Hydration, avoiding bladder irritants like caffeine and warm baths are also helpful remedies. 

If you suscept a case of prostatitis, be sure to report immediately to the best urologist in Lahore to get timely aid.