It is essential to service or maintain the Air conditioner at the proper time. If you want quality air, hire a licensed contractor to maintain your AC and do servicing on time. We can also take some precautions to maintain AC for a long time. Some basic rules we have to follow;

  • Keeping AC temperature on 24 to 26

Every office or home has to keep the AC temperature from 18 to 20. We should keep the temperature of AC in homes or offices at 24 to 26 degrees Celsius. We can keep the temperature lower at night than during the day. By doing this, health will also be fine, and the electricity bill will also come down.

  • Fix the duration of AC running in the home:

If it well made your house, the outside heat is not coming in, and then you can turn on the AC once it cools down.

Benefits of the time to time AC Maintenance:

  • Air condition life will be more. You don’t have to change or buy a new AC very early.
  • Repairing costs will be less because of maintaining the AC.
  • You will get quality air in your room, and your immunity will increase.

Before turning on the AC, most people themselves get involved in cleaning it. Not only this, they wash the window AC with water. This can prove dangerous. Doing so can cause water to enter the AC motor and PCB and may damage it. In such a situation, you may have to lose your pocket a lot later.

In offices, they should take care that licensed contractors should regularlyclean the central air-conditioning system. Sometimes mold or dirt accumulates in it, through which the air coming through is harmful to your health. Central air-conditioning system cleaned regularly employed can get quality air in the office.

Also, make sure to connect to a provider like 4Change Energy to get the best rates for your appliances without raising your power bill.


The maintenance worker often tells any parts of the AC to be harmful to make more bills or tells it to leak, check it first. This is the significant advantage of licensed contractors having their fixed rates of repairing or maintaining the AC and having registered and trained maintenance workers.