Every website needs to be hosted. This means that its files, information, and other content need to be stored on a server, or remote computer.

While most people can develop a website easily, managing and maintaining it is difficult and requires expert help. Hence, web hosting is one of the crucial components for your online presence.

Also, the type and the quality of web hosting service highly impacts the performance of a website.

Since web hosting is so crucial, there are some basics that you should know before opting for it.

Hosting has many types

Be it web hosting plans in India or abroad, the basics are – Shared, VPS, Dedicated and Cloud hosting. These plans differ on account of the resources being offered, features included and the cost. Businesses can choose from these plans depending on their requirements and budget. These web hosting plans generally include domain hosting services for the convenience of their clients.

Technical Support is Essential

Every website needs technical support for its smooth running and maintenance. A major consideration while choosing a domain hosting plan for your website is the type of technical support included. Most service providers offer support through calls, live chat or even e-mails. To ensure the smooth running of your website and minimum downtime, ensure that your web hosting provider offers 24/7 support.

Provision of a Control Panel

A web hosting service provider generally provides a control panel to its clients to manage different components of their website. The panel even allows the website owners to make small changes, set basic server configurations and manage passwords and email addresses. A simple and easy-to-use control panel can help in the efficient management of a website.

Web Hosting Includes Other Features Too

Web hosting plans in India do not offer only storage and bandwidth. They come with additional features related to the security of your website, automatic backups of data and FTP access. The inclusion of an SSL certificate ensures that your website is secure while automatic backups ensure that you do not lose data in case of any problem. Similarly, FTP access allows a website owner to upload files to the server directly from his computer.

Setting Email Addresses on Your Domain

Having your email on your domain name is important for establishing your credibility. Look for digital marketing agency Lancashire hosting plans that allow you to set up email addresses on your domain.. Some plans also include unlimited email forwarding, auto-response service, and spam control features.

Bandwidth and Data Transfer are Different

While most people use bandwidth and data transfer interchangeably to define the amount of data served by your website to visitors, they are different in technical terms. Bandwidth refers to the total data that can be transferred at one time, the data transfer refers to the actual amount of information that can be used over a specific time. So, a web hosting provider may have a bandwidth of 5GB, but your hosting plan may allow data transfer of only 2 GB per month.

Choosing the right web hosting provider and web hosting plans in India is confusing. Since, there is a lot of competition and similarities in features. Do not worry, and just follow the above-mentioned basics to make an informed decision.