Dental implants are one of the most popular and wonderful inventions in the dentistry world. Unlike dentures they don’t interfere much with one’s lifestyle and appear exactly like normal teeth. They help keep gum diseases at bay and lasts for a lifetime. They are an excellent option or those who have one or multiple missing teeth.

Not everyone is comfortable wearing removable dental solutions and having to forgo their favorite food. Dental implants deliver natural-looking results and care should be taken when biting down hard foods. If you are considering trying dental implants, talk to an experienced dentist in your area and see if you are an ideal candidate for dental implants.

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What is the implant process like?

It is a multi-step process that can take even months. The three components of implants are screw-like post, abutment and artificial tooth/teeth. The dentist fixes the post inside the jaw and wait for few months of healing during when the post fuses with the bone. After confirming that a person’s gum is healthy, artificial tooth/ teeth is placed on the abutment.

Are You Still Having Dental Implant Problems Years Later?

Possible issues that call for removal of dental implants:

Unfortunately, not all is well after you are done with the entire process. For some patient’s dental implants don’t work out and they would be forced to have it removed. The possible issues that could arise are:

  • Peri implantitis: This site-specific infectious disease is a result of build-up of bacteria which affects the hard and soft tissues surrounding the implant. The soft tissues become inflamed while the hard tissue is lost over time. The risk of this is higher in patients with diabetes, who practice poor oral hygiene or smoke.
  • Rejection of foreign material: Though implants are usually safe, since it is made of metal for some their body might reject it which results in pain, discomfort and visible redness near the gums.
  • Dental implant misalignment: If you dentist placed the dental implants incorrectly, the metal protrudes and its metal part becomes visible. Additionally, it causes jawbone pain and problems with bite. An experienced prosthodontist would be able to fix this.
  • Nerve damage: Nerve damage can occur if the implant was placed too close to any nerve which can lead to numbing, pain in the gums, cheek, lips, tongue etc.
  • Early implant fails: Implant failures that occur during the first few months of fixing the implant is referred as early implant failure. This can be due to too much movement during the healing phase or an infection.
  • Late implant fails: Late failures occur a year after the implant was fixed. It could be due to too much force, the implant becoming loose, infection etc.

The dentist administers local anesthesia and removes the crown, abutment and screws. After few months of healing the next steps will be discussed. Talk to your Family Dentist if you are facing any concerns with your dental implants.