Put-in-Pay located in South Bass Island has been garnering a lot of attention from travelers. It is pretty famous for its party scene, but what many don’t know about it is that, the 4-mile long village offers entertainment for all age groups making it suitable for families. The tons of family-friendly activities available guarantee a great time for everyone.

Getting there:

Tourists can take a ferry or flight to reach there. The preferred mode of transportation is taking a ferry from Port Clinton or Catawba. Kids are bound to love the 20-minute ferry ride. Ferries run every half an hour. Check the schedule earlier. From there you can reach your hotel by taking a golf cart, taxi, Lime Kiln Bus or bike.


Despite being a small village, there are a number of comfortable lodging options available. If you are looking for Put-in-Bay Hotel & Resort Deals check out www.putinbayhotels.com. They are the best online resource for information on Put-in-Bay hotels. The website enlists all lodging options with detailed information making it easy to shortlist one for your needs.

Consider opting for rental homes for a more enjoyable experience. Rental lodgings are more popular here compared to resorts and hotels due to the range of benefits they offer including:

  • Quality time with family: Rental home makes it possible to spend more quality time with family. Families can gather in the living room or backyard and spend time together rather than being stuck up in a single room.
  • More personal space: Why would anyone want to stay crammed in a small room when they can have an entire home for themselves? With kids it is always better to have more space around.
  • Authentic experience: Unlike most hotels that are located near to touristy places, rental homes are further away from the main town thus letting you experience the local culture better.
  • Better value for money: When you are travelling as a bigger group, a rental home is the best cost-efficient option.

Places to visit:

After having unloaded your luggage in the rental home, you can start hopping between places by taking a golf cart. It is better to book it in advance so that you don’t spend time waiting for one when you reach there. Follow the link https://www.putinbaygolfcarts.com/online-reservation/ to easily pre-book golf carts. The family-friendly places of interest include:

  • Perry’s Cave Family Fun Centre: It features The Butterfly house, Gemstone Mining, Perry’s Cave, Miniature Golf, Laser Tag, rock climbing and an antique car museum.
  • Giant maze challenge: Find out way out from the giant maze in 5 minutes and you would be awarded a prize. There is an observation tower to watch the fun unfold from above.
  • Kimberly’s Carousel: The hand-carved horses are guaranteed to delight adults and children alike.
  • Perry’s Cave: Descend 50 feet below surface level and catch a glimpse of an underground lake. Don’t forget to carry your sweatshirt since the temperature is cooler inside the cave.
  • DeRivera Park: Named after the village’s founder, Jose DeRivera, the park has a large fountain, Will’s playground, and is lined with picnic tables to enjoy a sunny day.

There are also a plenty of eateries and cafes to satiate your taste buds. Plan a weekend getaway with your family to Put-in-Bay for endless fun.