Chemistry is one of the tough subjects among students as it contains vast syllabus and chemical reactions important for exams. Students need to pay proper attention right from the beginning of the academic year for thorough understanding of the concepts. It is very important for students to have a firm grip on the concepts and lay a strong foundation in further studies. Expert faculty have prepared the answers to help students with best solutions for each question of the textbook. Regular practice of exercise problems present in each chapter is mandatory to secure high marks in final examinations. This also boosts confidence in solving the difficult problems with ease among students.

The solutions curated by the experts not only help students in finding new methods but also help them to find the areas of weakness on which they need to work upon more. Diligent practice of these solutions also marks a significant impact on the career of students as they boost their performance in the academic year. The solutions are mainly crafted to simplify all the problems of textbooks prescribed by the CBSE syllabus. Practising problems referring to the right source boosts problem solving and time management skills which are essential from an exam perspective.

Solutions provide comprehensive learning and also help students to develop better understanding of the concepts covered in each chapter. The difficult problems have been simplified as per the understanding skills of students to make learning more comfortable. Students are suggested to follow NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Chemistry for better understanding and clear their doubts immediately which arise while solving the textbook problems. Practising problems on a daily basis, help students to boost their confidence in solving complex problems within a short duration of time which is essential from an exam point of view.

Following are the tips to help student to prepare effectively for exams

  • Practising previous year questions and sample papers

Examiners set the question papers based on the important questions that are repeatedly asked from the previous year question papers. Hence it is essential to follow previous year question papers to enhance their performance in exams. This also boosts self confidence among students to face the examinations without fear.

  • Quick grasp of concepts using NCERT Textbook

Following the right study material is essential for exam preparation.There are numerous study resources available in the current market. Thus students find difficulty in choosing the right source among them. NCERT Solutions provide the answers for each and every question comprehensively based on the students intelligence quotient. Practising the problems using NCERT books will also help students to prepare for other competitive exams.

  • Concentrate on formulas and derivations

Formulas and derivatives are very important as per the exam syllabus as they help students in scoring high marks. Regular practice of problems using the right source helps students to grasp the method of solving complex problems easily without any confusion. NCERT books provide various numericals to make students familiar with the problems that might be asked in the exams.

  • Self analysation of knowledge

It is not just enough to practice only textbook problems, students need to grasp the concepts thoroughly and know the areas of weakness which need more focus. This helps them to give proper attention on the topics which are difficult to understand. Hence, focussing on important concepts which are vital from exam perspective play an important role in exam preparation.

Focus on the mentioned tips to score high marks in the final examinations. Students can find NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Chemistry PDF while answering the problems of textbooks for better understanding of concepts covered in each chapter.