Increasing reach and engagement on Instagram has become a common practice for individuals and businesses in today’s social media landscape. Yet many people are concerned about their authenticity and quality. Buy automatic likes, the wrong way leads to fake-looking, inactive accounts that do more harm than good. Choosing the right follower provider and vetting them properly are key.

Spotting fake followers

Let’s start by understanding what makes a fake follower, so you learn to recognize and avoid them:

  • Default profile photos – If followers have the egg default photo, they are likely fake or inactive accounts.
  • No posts – Accounts without any posts are a major red flag. Real users regularly post content.
  • Minimal to no followers – Authentic accounts follow others, not just you. Avoid ones with less than 50-100 followers.
  • Suspicious usernames – Fake accounts tend to have a random mix of numbers and letters for a username.
  • Identical followings – Bots tend to follow the same group of accounts. Variety in follows is a good sign.
  • No engagement – If none of the bought followers like, comment on, or interact with your posts, they are likely fake.
  • Mass following – Following thousands of accounts indiscriminately is a sign of a fake follower.

Watch out for these factors, and you easily weed out the fake followers from the real ones.

Choosing a reputable provider

The key to getting quality, authentic followers is simple – choose the right provider. Here are some tips for picking a good service:

  • Read reviews – Research companies thoroughly and read client reviews. This reveals potential issues or signs of fake followers.
  • Ask about account sources – Legitimate companies are transparent about where they source their accounts. Avoid vagueness.
  • Check for account activity – Confirm accounts have posts, followers, and interactions. Ask to see sample accounts.
  • See follower retention rates – Good services stand by their accounts with 2-3 month minimum retention guarantees.
  • Look for dripped delivery – Gradual follower delivery that looks natural is better than huge spikes.
  • Get US/EU-based accounts – For the most authenticity, opt for followers from your target country like the US or EU.

Integrating followers seamlessly

Your followers need to be seamlessly integrated into your community once you’ve chosen a reputable provider.

  • Start slowly – Build up your bought followers gradually over days/weeks. Quick spikes look inorganic.
  • Mix with organic followers – Blend-bought followers in your existing community so they are not the only newcomers.
  • Encourage engagement – Run contests, ask questions, and post regularly to get all followers interacting with content.
  • Analyze follower quality over time – Check in on new Famoid Followers after a month. Do they continue engaging? Unfollow?
  • Hide from public view if needed – You hide your exact follower count from your profile if you wish.

The more you get both existing and newly bought followers to actively like, comment, and engage the more authentic the experience feels across your account.