A postpaid mobile plan allows you to pay a monthly bill based on the calls/messages/data availed, which is also its prime advantage since you pay on the basis of consumption. Moreover, postpaid plans offer the option of auto-renewing on the basis of month-to-month, 12 months or 24 months duration. Further, the postpaid bill payment system comes with greater flexibility in comparison to a real-time charging system. For instance, a real time charging system is not flexible enough to handle a complex business customers’ hierarchy which is not the case with postpaid systems that can maintain a customer hierarchy up to N level.

With the development of online portals to pay bills, customers have also found themselves susceptible to cyber frauds and scams. Avoiding the same could be tough when almost every site appears genuine. But we have got you covered with some safe and online payment platforms to pay your postpaid bills. 

Let’s review them one by one-

  • MobiKwik: 

MobiKwik is one of the major and secure payment platforms for VI bill payment, Airtel bill payment, Jio bill payment, etc. Users need not pay any extra service charges or deposits. Billing details are never revealed to any other party and the transactions are quick. A user-friendly interface makes it a great option for payments.

  • Paytm-

Paytm is a leading payment app, but it also offers supreme benefits with respect to postpaid bill payments. Paytm users can make fast-forward payments through their Paytm balance and avail of many offers and promo codes on their bill. Another exciting feature of the website is its credit system that has a credit limit of one lakh. A prospective user can sign up and pay later; they need to wait for their payday. In a recent move, Paytm has extended the option of EMIs to its postpaid users as per which they can purchase essentials without any budgetary constraints and pay in instalments. It accepts payments for all major mobile operators also including Jio postpaid bill payment and Airtel postpaid bill payment.

  • Airtel Payments Bank- 

Airtel Payments Bank has emerged as one of the leading platforms for making payments ranging from mobile and broadband to water, electricity and even purchasing insurance. As India’s first payments bank. Its service is highlighted by secure and OTP-based transactions. Additionally, users can save money on their transactions with cashbacks while enjoying life-complementing perks. Whether it be VI mobile payment, Jio mobile payment or Airtel mobile bill payment, user need not worry about processing time as payments are processed instantly. It is one of the few websites through which you can also make TATA Docomo postpaid bill payment. 


We are sure this analysis would have been helpful for you. You can always switch between different platforms as per your preferences.