Why You Should Outsource Mobile App Development to India

The mobile app development industry in India is booming. So much so that in 2018, according to the app market data and insights enterprise, App Annie, India is the worlds’ fastest-growing market for apps. Today, India presents a vast pool of promising infrastructure and talented developers who are flexible to work at cost-effective prices can be perfect for outsourcing your business app development.

Major apps for companies around the world like LinkedIn Pulse and Panorama 360 were developed in India. The phrase ‘You’ve been Bangalored’ is a globally popular way of conveying that they lost their IT job to outsourcing in India, or more specifically to Bangalore. Why? Because India was already among the largest digital consumers in the world, and now with the collaboration of the private sector working alongside government has paved the way for India to become the cyber hub of the world, as per the McKinsey reports.

Here are some facts that support the idea:

●   The vast pool of innovative developers:

India has one of the highest populations of qualified computer science and software engineering graduates in the world. As per NASSCOM, India adds up to 3 million people into software and app development each year. So, as mentioned previously the availability of skilled technicians is abundant and therefore, as outsourcing partners, they can assign the best of seasoned professionals to look after your development projects.

●   Deep insights into various domains and global markets:

Many of the top development companies in India have expanded their offices globally, attracting clients across all domains and markets.

●   Effective communication:

India has the second highest number of English speakers in the world, and is able to overcome the obstacle of lacking effective communication with clients that many other popular outsourcing locations have.

●   Wide pricing spectrum

Because of the competitive Indian IT market, you’ll come across a wide range of affordable prices offered by promising enterprises, and the difference in the costs depending on if the enterprises are a startup, medium, or a larger corporation. This opens new possibilities for you as a business owner to find offers that go perfectly well with your budget and needs.

●   Faster turnaround times:

Quicker development cycles and fast delivery timelines are the top perks that any business owner prefers when outsourcing their development project. In India, because of the different time zones and flexible work time on projects, you can receive real-time updates about your work first thing in the morning.

Top Mobile App Development Companies in India: Recommendations

1. Cumulation Technologies

This company’s work portfolio is full of case studies of app development. Discussing their development process and the features that were implemented specifically to each app. This company even provides examples of apps they’ve created in action on their own YouTube channel. See this video showcasing the app they created for IndiaFirst Life Insurance.

2. CodeClouds

CodeClouds are a development company that was originally based in Kolkata, but now also has offices in the US, Australia, and New Zealand. They provide specialist iOS, Android, and hybrid mobile app development. With decades worth of experience, their portfolio is rich with quality work. Their mobile app development services are a great value due to their cost-effective packages.

3. Fusion Informatics

Fusion Informatics is easily the oldest company on this list with 20 years of experience. They are based in Mumbai and are comfortable taking on development projects from businesses of any size. They have served over 100 clients in 30 different industry verticals, including household brands such as HP and Freshly.

In a Nutshell

India is native to many global mobile apps such as Paytm, Zomato, Hike, and many more. All of these apps represent the dexterity and creativity of the developers, as well as their ability to deliver an impressive user experience. From shorter development time, multi-platform compatibility, to affordable development charges are added advantages that one can get as a business owner outsourcing the development projects. We hope you find this blog useful, the next time you think about outsourcing mobile app development. Till then, good luck!