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Apple is known to be one of the innovative brands when it comes to creating gadgets that will make listening to music very enjoyable to everyone. Their iPod series is a clear proof of how they dominate this sector of the industry. It is no surprise, therefore, that they will bring the same technology in their smartphones. The iPhone 5 comes with a built-in music app that is aptly called Music. Although most people are tempted to download third party apps for their music-listening needs, this built-in app is actually enough to satisfy anyone’s ears. It comes with various options and setting controls that will let you play your music files just the way you like them. If you are not yet familiar with this iPhone app, especially if you came from using a different OS, here is how you can listen to songs in your iPhone 5.

The Music app is like most any other music playing application. On the main interface are the usual buttons, namely:

  • Backward/Forward Button – this will let you move on to the next song on your list or back to the previous one.
  • Play/Pause Button – touch this if you want to start or pause the playback.
  • Volume Bar – this bar is found at the bottom part of the screen. You simply have to drag it to the left or right to control the volume.

Aside from these common buttons, you will also see the progress bar, which shows how far along the track the song has played. You can drag this if you want to skip some parts of the song.

At the bottom left corner of the interface, you will find the Repeat button. If you turn this on, the app will repeatedly play the songs in your playlist. There are various options here. You can simply repeat a specific song or repeat the whole album.

The Shuffle button is also a favorite option of some. Turning this on will shuffle the order of songs in your playlist or library. Playing songs in random brings that element of surprise to the listener.

To choose the songs that you want to play, just tap the music library button located at the top-left portion of the screen. You may also use the button at the top-right portion if you want to check the other songs in the album from where the current song came from.

Finally, there is the Create button. This will let you create playlists based on genre or artist. If you need more songs in your playlist, just connect to iTunes straight from the Music app to get more songs from your favorite artists.

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