Since the last decade, automobile companies have made huge technological advances. Disc brakes were first invented around the 1950s, giving the world a safer and reliable braking system. The design of the brakes has stayed quite the same throughout the years, but the technology around it has flourished. Internal cooling vanes and slots, additional clamping force, increased number of pistons inside the caliper, and coated brake rotors make the modern braking system the best of its kind. 

Brake rotors are coated with advanced chemicals to prevent rust and corrosion formed by trapped air inside the rotors. The chemical coating of the rotors is non-toxic and does not contain any heavy metals. 

The weight of the rotor plays a vital role in the performance of the brakes and corrosion formed by rust gradually over time can cause the weight of the rotors to vary which then can cause an issue in the braking system. To keep the rotors at optimal temperature during braking, companies have made strategic vanes and air-flow channels throughout the rotors. Coated braking rotors keep the vanes and the air-flow channels rust-free, which extends the consecutive cooling performance of the rotors, extending their service life. The coating itself will come off where the brake pads will hit the rotor area, but it protects the edges against rust.

Benefits of having coated brake rotors

  • Protection against rust and corrosion: Premium coated brake rotors have a layer of special non-toxic polymer externally applied to give it extra protection against rust and corrosion. This coating is applied to the whole surface of the rotors, including the vanes and the slots for better protection. 
  • Protection against brake failures: Due to a lack of airflow between the rotors and the brake pads, rust creeps underneath the rotors and can cause the brake pads to wear a little bit causing issues in braking. Coated brake rotors do not allow rust to form thus eliminating the risk of brake failures. 
  • High performance and value for money: Uncoated brake rotors have a bare exterior that is prone to rust and corrosion and can hinder your braking performance over time. Premium coated brake rotors provide high performance by keeping out rust, corrosion, braking issues, heating issues in the brake pads, and last longer than ordinary brake rotors. provides you with premium coated braking rotors, ensuring optimum braking performance and other brake related services.