Even though a few places have already relaxed their restrictions on mobility in a bid to revive the economy, it is still not advisable to go out recklessly and have fun to celebrate your newfound freedom. If you can stay at home, that will be loads safer than hanging out at a public place.

However, there certainly are times when you do need to go out. Let’s look at some of the essential places you can go to in 2021:

Your Support System

If there’s one thing we realized in 2020, it’s that being alone and feeling lonely is one of the challenges of this pandemic. There are single-person households that have been by themself for months, and despite the presence of virtual platforms, it might be hard to connect with another individual in a meaningful way. This 2021, if you have friends or family nearby, go ahead and pay them a visit, making sure that you disinfect before and after leaving your house and their house to be safe. Your mental health will benefit from seeing your support system in person even for just a few minutes, and if it’s a walkable distance, you’re also getting some physical activity from the short trip.

Supplies Stores

One of the resounding advice given by professionals in 2020 was to grow your own garden and live a more sustainable life so that you will have something to eat while staying at home. Unfortunately, not everyone has the space or the skills to grow a garden. It’s understandable that you have to get your grocery supplies and other basic necessities from the supermarket. Make a list of the essentials, from toiletries to food supply, and go for items that will last for a longer period. Stock up, but don’t panic-buy so that other people will also have something to eat. For other things you can buy online, such as Korean sunscreen and other beauty products, go ahead and just order them so that you will not have to carry them back home with you.

Green Spaces

You want to be good to your mental health during such a stressful time, but don’t forget your physical health too. If you have access to a green space such as a park or even just a safe path in the neighborhood, take the time to go there and inhale the fresh air. This will help your mind calm down so that your body will feel less stressed. If you have a dog, take them out for a walk–with your face mask on, of course. If you have a bike, that is a convenient way to travel to your destination without having to be physically close to anyone outside. If you have a backyard or a balcony, spend a few minutes just taking in the scenery and letting your thoughts drift away.

It may take some time before we can go back to our normal routines, but while waiting, take all the opportunities you have to relieve stress and anxiety. Whether it’s through allowing yourself to connect with your support system or just taking a walk, make your minutes outside matter.