When you are in the military, there are constant shifts in the service. You have to move from one place to another. Moving across the state to a whole new location with family can be daunting at first. You have to take all your belongings along with you. Military personnel have special discounts on car shifts and purchases.

Ship a Car, Inc. provides affordable military auto transporter for easy transporting of vehicles. There is no upfront deposit fees required while the company provides complete vehicle coverage. It is a top-rated car shipping company with so many positive reviews. Further, the service level is outstanding with prices that meet the budget ranges.

In the case of personally owned vehicles, you can always sell them or you can take them with you. If you sell your car, you have to be on time. Driving the car yourself is one way or you can take the help of any transportation company.

Benefits of driving your POV or shipping it

Driving your car turns out to be the best option since it saves a lot of cash. But there are many advantages of shipping in the present times. Once you give your car to the shipping car, you don’t have to worry about anything.

·       Easy method

There are scheduled pick-up and drop timings. The company members will come to your homes for picking up the vehicles. They will drop it in the assigned places. Likewise, you don’t have to worry about getting it anywhere.

·       Safer method

When you drive cars, there can be accidents or you might lose routes at times. This will put in more miles not good for you. With the companies, there are no technical problems you have to deal with. All the troubles are solved by the shipping company.

·       Faster way

Driving long distances take a lot of time. You have to spend days driving in the same car and that is not your thing. When you book a shipping car, you will be at your location before and you will get your car. Many shipping companies offer discounts for military members and their families.

How to prepare the car for shipping?

For shipping the companies, you have to get all of the documents of the POV started. Choose the pick-up and leave dates. There are some tips that you have to know before satisfying the customers.

  • Wash the car – inside and out.
  • If there are any pre-existing damages, take videos of the same. You can repair it once you get to the new location.
  • If there are any personal items in the cars, remove them. If you leave it in the car, make sure it is safely placed in the trunks.
  • Keep all the documents and paperwork ready. This includes the car insurance and transporter documents.

No matter who you take regarding the shipping, it’s important to choose a transporter that provides for POV shipping.


Choose the shipping companies that provide discounts and special offers. Check if they have any discount programs before choosing a shipping company.